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Sarah Harry is one of Australia’s leading specialists in Body Image and Disordered Eating. Her roles in this field are varied and she offers a unique perspective as an experienced Clinician, Lecturer, Researcher, Yoga Teacher and Writer. Sarah is a warm and engaging speaker and clinician, coming from a place of self-compassion and empathy. Her clinical areas of interest and specialisation are Body Image and Eating Disorders. With more than 15 years’ experience counselling individuals and groups with all kinds of eating and body image issues, she has worked in the public and private sectors, lectures at universities and corporations in these subjects and is a highly experienced group and retreat facilitator. She believes that we can all become more comfortable in our own bodies and much less critical! Sarah also a Registered Yoga Teacher and founder of Fat Yoga, a roving yoga studio which offers classes, retreats and special events for those who identify with the word fat and don’t find general yoga classes cater to their bodies.

Note: Sarah is not taking clients in 2021. 

MEET  Fiona Sutherland FOUNDER

Please note! Fiona is not taking any private clients this year, but would love to hear from you about professional mentoring and supervision. Fiona is also the Director of The Mindful Dietitian and her role at Body Positive Australia is to run the RIPE groups with Sarah, as a Consultant, Speaker and forever a Founder. Please send any  Nutrition inquiries to Fiona. Fiona also coordinates Body Positive Education in schools and mentors dietitians. Please contact her for any inquiries about those areas. 

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Fiona Sutherland brings 20 years of experience in Eating Disorders, Body Image and Counselling skills and is committed to Mindfulness and Self-Compassion practices that help both the practitioner and the client. A passionate believer in the work Body Positive Australia undertakes both individually and collectively, recognising that it takes braveness, dedication and support in our important mission of body and food healing. Fiona's approach to supporting you, and our community comes from her own experiences of feeling completely lost, alone & confused at various times in her career. Longer-term interest in mindfulness-based practice took her in the direction of yoga. Through yoga, Fiona figured out that her passion and purpose was in helping others build more skills and confidence in bringing the Non-Diet Approach, Mindfulness & body-inclusive healing messages to the world. Not one to take herself too seriously, Fiona admits she has a repertoire of colourful language but doing good work in the world is what really matters.