Sarah is passionate about bringing corporate and studio workshops to you and has consulted with large companies like Kellogg's to help them make working spaces more body positive and create greater well-being opportunities for staff.

Research now clearly supports that a mentally well workplace is far more productive and profitable than one which is not. With 17 years of holding safe and brave spaces for all kinds of people Sarah is well resourced to deliver something like you see below or tailor something directly for you studio or company. 

Corporate and packages can include

  1. Accessible Yoga, make your yoga and your studio more accessible

  2. Clinical Self Compassion and burnout for the movement professional

  3. Body Positive Yoga - Yoga, Language, Social Media and finding Body Peace

  4. Yoga for bigger bodies - essential skills you didn't learn in teacher training

  5. Self Compassionate Yoga - a gift for you and your students

  6. Vegas Nerve and Adrenals - Avoiding burnout

  7. Weekly yoga or meditation classes.

  8. Stress and self care packages. 

  9. General consulting to help your staff have a better work and life balance. 

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