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Body Positive Retreats are for all bodies, ages, identities and for the beginner to the advanced yoga student

UPCOMING body positive yoga RETREATS

For more details and photos of the Byron Retreat download our PDF
For more details and photos of the Bali Retreat download our PDF 

ABOUT body positive yoga RETREATS


Body Positive Yoga retreats are all different but Sarah's classes are always gentle and reflective in nature, they are more focused on self-compassion and all the limbs of yoga and a breath led practice. We come to relax, restore, and refocus. It’s for self-care and community and most of all fun! I find the people who come are lovely and so diverse! I will match you up with a lovely roommate if you want to share. Many if not most people come alone and leave with new friends. I am a very experienced facilitator. I love running retreats, it’s a very special privilege.

It’s a non-diet space with no diet talk, fat shaming or body shaming where everyone, including absolute beginners, are welcome. Yoga can be done on a chair, on the floor or standing. We are well trained, accessible yoga teachers and I have been holding brave spaces for 15 years, both as a psychotherapist and a yoga teacher.

AM |

Morning Yoga | Breakfast | Free Time | Workshop |

Time in the retreat grounds, pool or spa |  Rest


PM |

Lunch | Free Time | Reflection | 

Afternoon Restoratives or Workshop |  Meditation or 

free time | Dinner 

Activities undertaken depend on the day and location on longer retreats there will be one day with the whole afternoon off

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